How degenerates the transpersonal stressed out?

Many people are now expanding their reality to include the spiritual, ie through the desire to understand themselves in a larger context. For many, this is something that happens, without the desire or have earned a place in the calendar, it just happens. Increasingly higher consciousness do that we will also look at the life we ​​live, in a new light. The collective consciousness has heightened considerably, and it was unusual 10 years ago, is normal today. What was hidden yesterday, is visible today and we were are no longer who we are. This places great demands on us as human beings and with this machines, it was intended for us to use to atleast take off the stress that we are experiencing and help back problems. This challenges us because a new perspective, a new dimension has been available to us, but we have no exercise, no exercise in implementing all this in the life we ​​live. The expectations of ourselves and our surroundings has been greater than we can master and we are caught in a sense of losing control.

It is my experience that this happens to us, whether we want to or not. For if we ourselves feel that we want to stand still and cope with life, so we are influenced by the society around us, which is in motion. I feel constantly meet parents through their children are set on large samples compared to understand them as individuals of a new age. This creates a transpersonal stress. Namely, that something in us is awakened, but we do not know what or how to master this new perspective, these new experiences, Massage chair is best on this situation, Shaitsu 06C actually allows our body to relaxed and be stress free for the moment. In addition, our society now focused on personal growth. It has become a new measurement concept in business, in school, and throughout our society. It has become customary to seek help to evolve as a human being and it is created a collective need to go on courses, seminars and reading self-help books.

Films dealing with this, books brings the subject into our everyday lives, newspapers and magazines have stories about the topic – we will not get away! The transpersonal is there for us, in us and around us and it requires nothing of us to be there. But to become conscious and develop it, yes it requires time and resources that we do not have, because life is already brimming with activity. But the need to do something about it do not let go even though we try to push it away. This creates a new stress factor for us, a new area where we can bring in the experience of inadequacy, not being good enough. Saying NO is a necessity, and likewise it is to recognize ourselves as we are. We do not need more MUST and SHOULD, but we need a pat on the back to confirm that we are doing the best we can. A little rest is good for anyone and everyone, a necessity for us, as it is for all living things. There is a time for everything, a time for action and a time for rest, a time of flowering and a time for sleep.