Food that best matches to coffee

Get to know food Korea other than have a unique flavour and differ from other foods, but also friendly on the tongue, especially if we taste a snack food Korea. Bingsu are for example could be a recommendation to all of you who want to enjoy a culinary tour Korea lightly. Bingsu are a popular snack food found in almost all the places in Korea during the summer. Originally presented as the only chip bingsu ice with red bean porridge plus, but has now been modified bingsu mixture.
Not just nonsense, because the popularity of the bingsu has to be famous to many different countries. No wonder many tourists who want to visit the place in Korea’s favorite Bingsu. Currently bingsu are famous for their red beans but slightly shifted with a mix of other flavor, some of the bingsu bahakan get rid of red beans at all. But it is not at all reduce palatability Bingsu. Through the information I get from machine reviews this time.
Gami-Bingsu fresh watermelon and strawberry sour sweet
In the summer the lovers bingsu may be presented a lot of assorted flavors like watermelon bingsu bingsu fresh strawberry and sour sweet. Located at Daehyeon-dong, Seodaemun-gu usually crowded by visitors who want to enjoy the bingsu. Gami is the famous Café menyajikn bingsu fruit favorites. Both this bingsu usually made from flakes of ice and milk topped with fruit juice and drizzled and condensed milk. Strawberry used in it are picked in the spring and then given a candied sugar so it feels fresh with sweet sour.
Cacaoboom Cocoa Bingsu
Cacaoboom is located in Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, where Cacaoboom is a café that serves the best chocolate brown in Korea. I will invite you to visit the Cafe that serves best coffee and in which sells Bingsu are favorites in Korea.The Cafe is famous for its handmade Belgian chocolates and chocolate drinks were delicious in the summer. Usually for Cocoa bingsu served from July to September. Ice chocolate taste excellent taste makes many visitors wherever they want to try again and again. Bingsu are decorated with sliced almonds and crispy pieces of chocolate.
Dongbinggo-Bingsu Red Beans
Dongbinggo located in Ichon-dong, Yongsan-gu, the Cafe serves elaborate original flavored beans. It only has 8 tables but in Korea its own Dongbinggo very popular because visitors usually have to take the numbers sort before enjoying a delicious Bingsu original beans. that makes this elaborate Dongbinggo apart is the use of locally Great Beans, which has a soft texture and pleasant. In addition there are other menu items are served in the Café Misutgaru Bingsu, coffee and Milk Bingsu Reviews Royal Tea Bingsu.
Bingsu Melon
Very unique if we could taste the bingsu at this one, because it is located on the underground floor of the Poetry of nature in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu. Unlike bingsu fruit in general because melon melon bingsu serves overall. Melon fruit is formed into balls, while its flesh is vacated is filled with shaved ice then it very beautiful views with an ice pack on it.Food
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