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Make the most of your day! Say more with a multimedia message (MMS) that combines text, pictures and sound. Tell it like it is or simply make someone smile. Play it your way youve got polyphonic ringtones plus real music and clear vocals with MP3 ringtones. Use idle time to enjoy a game, immerse yourself in the large colour screen.
Built-in Speakerphone
Keep talking, even when youre doing two things at once! Go hands-free with the built-in speakerphone or use it to make group calls. Save time get everyone together for a quick discussion. The high-quality speaker means theyll catch every word!
Colour Games
Fill any free moments the large colour screen puts you right in the heart of the action! Test your skills in the classic Solitaire game, Skipping Stones or survive the mean seas in Hungry Fish. Both games come pre-loaded on your phone with plenty more available to download.
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Extreme Air Snowboarding"
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