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Need advice on downloading and purchasing your favourite downloads?

How to purchase for all digital content

Purchasing downloads for your Motorola phone is a quick-and-easy process. Locate the item(s) you would like to purchase for your phone. Once you have all your desired applications, select the Buy button to begin the purchase process.

Hotline Purchase Process:

This service is available in a limited number of countries currently.

1. Call the hotline number for your country

2. Enter the mobile phone number on which you would like to receive the ringtone, graphic, game or theme

3. Enter the product code using your phone keypad. The product code is found on the appropriate download page

4. An SMS will be sent to the mobile phone number you entered and you will be sent given instructions on how to install your application.

Call time and cost will vary per country.

How to download all digital content

It's fast and easy, and it's all delivered over the air to your phone. You will need:

  • A Motorola Phone with a WAP Capability
  • Text Messaging Capability
  • Data Services enabled through your carrier

1. Choose Downloads and select your phone model

2. Choose the type of download you want, i.e. Graphic, Ringtone, etc… (Types of downloads available may vary according to the model of phone)

3. Select and purchase your new download

4. After your purchase, you will receive a text message on your phone. Dependant on the type of download you have purchased:

  • Your message will have an attachment. Just open it to automatically install your new graphic on your phone. OR
  • Your message will contain a web link. Just select the link and follow the installation instructions.

5. To use your download refer to your phone's User Guide.

How to remove a game from your phone

Press the Menu key and the joystick icon (this is the Java applications menu) Scroll down to the game and then press the menu key Select Delete

After deletion it cannot be re-installed from the phone it will need to be downloaded Over the air.


What is a ringtone and why do I want one?

It's the sound your phone makes when you have a call. Ever start to answer your phone, then realise it wasn't yours that was ringing? No more - now your phone can have a sound as distinct as you are. And it's fun to change your ringtone to match your mood!

What types of Ringtones can I select?

There are three types of Ringtones available for Motorola phones. Some work only on specific phone models. Choose your model to see and hear the complete selection of Ringtones available for your phone.

Legacy ringtones are short tunes played with simple tones, they are currently available for the Motorola V50, V100, V2288, T191, T192, T250, and A008.

i-Melody Ringtones are short tunes played with simple tones; they are for EMS compatible handsets. Hear an example Ok

Richer, fuller, deeper – polyphonic ringtones provide a more realistic sound for you to enjoy. Ok

Base Tracks

What is a Base Tracks ringtone and why do I want one?

Base Tracks are special MIDI-based sound tracks available on selected models only. Using a special mixing tool included with your phone, you can edit Base Tracks Ringtones to produce a personalized ringtone or a signature song you can email to others as a text message attachment. Ok

How do I mix Base Tracks Ringtones?

Through the mixer menu, you can easily turn instruments on and off, add effects, or select from instrument variations. For example, you might turn on the bass drums and turn off the brass, add a reverberation effect or change the piano to a synthesizer. Each Base Tracks ringtone offers a number of options that allow you to experiment and create a sound all your own!


What does a graphic do on my phone?

A graphic is a picture, either static or animated, that appears on your phone's screen when you're not making a call. Graphics give your phone a distinct personality. Go for sleek images for style, cartoons for fun, or sports images to show your allegiance to your favourite team!

What types of graphics can I select?

There are two main types of graphics available for certain Motorola phones. Choose your phone model to see the complete selection of graphics available for your phone.

Wallpaper is a still image that appears on the background of your phone when you are using it. See an example Ok

Screensavers are animated images that are shown full screen when the phone has been inactive for a period of time. See an example Ok

In addition to these main types of graphic there are also EMS graphics. (Enhanced Messaging Service) These are graphics that can be attached with SMS text messages and sent from one phone to another (both phones need to be EMS compatible).


What is a theme?

A theme is a bundle containing a midi ringtone, animated screen saver and wallpaper all with a common subject that expresses what you feel most passionate about! Show your favourite sports team, favourite cartoon character, or other special interests.

What kinds of themes can I select?

You can choose stylish themes, fun themes, sports themes and more. See examples Ok


What's great about games?

Leave the aspirin at home - take wireless games instead! Flight delayed? Make time fly! Long train commute? Sit back and set a new high score! Arrive early for your meeting? Conquer other worlds while you wait! You don't need a laptop, portable DVD or even a PDA to bring your stress relief along with you - just your Motorola wireless phone!

What kinds of games can I select?

There are two types of games available for your Motorola phone depending on the model:

Embedded games are installed in your phone's hardware at the time of manufacture. You can upgrade many embedded games with additional levels or enhanced features that can be delivered to your phone over the air.

J2ME (Java II Platform Micro Edition) games take advantage of the latest web-based technologies to deliver exciting graphics, with sophisticated gaming action to your wireless phone.

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