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Technical terms explained! Use the A-Z list to find the word, phrase or acronym.

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AC Wall Charger
An accessory device that allows you to power and/or charge your phone from a wall outlet.

Accelerated Life Testing (ALT)
The process of simulating five years of use within four weeks. Testing includes exposing the phone to a variety of extreme environmental conditions as well as cycles that mimic several years of use.

Accessor TrueSync® Plus software
The Starfish software core synchronisation "engine" that runs on a PC offers support for a variety of desktop applications, devices and online services. Synchronisation capability among each supported application, device or service is handled by the addition of an "accessory." For example, when you add the Outlook accessor, you can synchronise your Microsoft Outlook data with your other TrueSync clients.

Active Keypad Cover/Hinge Mechanism
Opening the keypad cover will answer a call; closing the keypad cover will end a call. Provides proper ear-to-mouth relation and optimises the compact, pocketable form.

Advanced Mobile Phone Service
See AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone Service).

Advice of Charge
A network-dependent feature which allows the user to receive details regarding chargeable calls from the networks.

The amount of time you spend using a cellular system, between the time you successfully place a call and the termination of that call.

Airtime Contract
See (Airtime) Contract.

Alarm Clock
A feature that allows you to set an alarm to ring hours or days later, or to be used as a daily alarm.

Alkaline Battery
A commonly sold, inexpensive type of non-rechargeable battery used in a wide variety of electronic devices.

Alphabetic Directory
Allows storage of names and phone numbers in alphabetic order for easy retrieval.

Alphabetic Scroll
Similar to a built-in phone book, this feature allows scrolling alphabetically through the names in the directory for easy retrieval.

This describes a keypad, display or memory location, that can process both numbers and letters.

Alphanumeric Directory
Allows storage of names and phone numbers for easy retrieval.

See Accelerated Life Testing (ALT).

Alternate Phone Line/Line Service
The phone allows you to have two phone numbers to keep business and personal calls separate.

AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone Service)
AMPS is used in North and South America. It is also the most common system in the Asia/Pacific region and can be found in countries such as Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Israel.

The technological basis for most current cellular systems. Primarily designed to transmit sound waves, as in conversations.

Analogue Only
A digital feature allowing the sending of voice channel operations (i.e., fax machines, personal computers with modems, etc.) without having to manually seek an analogue channel each time.

Answering Machine
The phone's internal memory that allows callers to leave a personal message.

Any Key Answer
Allows phone to be answered after one ring by pressing any digit key. A faster, more convenient way to answer than searching for a specific key.

Audible Keypad Tone
Confirms that a key has been pressed properly. Helps avoid airtime charges to incorrect numbers.

Authentication is a process of determining whether someone or something is who or what they are declared to be. In the world of computing (including the Internet), authentication is commonly done through the use of a user name and logon password.

Authentication Capable
Your phone is equipped with an A-Key which acts as a PIN number that offers you and the cellular service provider an additional level of security against cellular fraud.

Authentication Capable
See PIN Code/Authentication Capable.

Automatic Answer
Allows call answering without pressing the 'OK' button. After a brief ring, simply lift the unit to your ear and begin the conversation.

Automatic Backlighting
Touching any key will illuminate the display and keypad for viewing ease.

Automatic Display Timer
Set On to automatically display the Last Call Timer at the end of each phone call.

Automatic Hands Free
When this feature is enabled, simply hang up the phone to begin a hands free conversation.

Automatic Lock
When activated the phone will automatically lock each time it is turned off to help prevent unauthorised use.

Automatic Redial (on system busy)
Upon a System Busy signal, simply press the 'OK' button and the phone will redial the call.

Automatic Tone Altering
In areas where quality phone connections cannot be made, the phone will sound a series of beeps to signal that an incoming call was attempted.

Auxiliary Alert
For use with phones installed in vehicles. When activated, incoming calls will cause the vehicle horn to sound or (installation option) headlights to flash to alert the user to return to the vehicle.

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