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Make the most of every moment share it! Use the integrated camera to take great pictures even in a dimly-lit bar. Easy-to-use controls mean photo fun comes easily. Get creative, flirt with flair combine a photo, sound and text in a multimedia message (MMS).
Free yourself with Bluetooth® wireless technology. Make calls globally with Quad Band.
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MP3 & Polyphonic Ringtones
More music! Hear vocals, guitar and beats clearly with the latest MP3 ringtones.
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Picture Phonebook
Know whos calling see who it is, whether its your boss, mate or potential date.
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Built-in Speakerphone
Broadcast whats going on make group calls easily.
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Moto 1 - MP3 Ringtone
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Mirror Ball Glitz - Screensaver
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Bluetooth® Headset
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